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A magician waves his magic wand over his magic top hat saying, "abracadabra". The top hat responds, "Incorrect magic word, please try again." The magician, confused, responds with "@bracAd4br@?"
Magician Wrong Password a comic by

This secure random password generator creates strong random plain text passwords using the PCG32 random number generator without sending them over the internet or storing them on a server.

I developed this password generator because I don't trust the security and randomness of passwords generated by other password generators; plus, I like a challenge. I also wanted to test out my implementation of the PCG32 pseudo-random number generator with an environment-based seed. By generating multiple passwords using this secure password generator, saving them to my local computer then mixing them I can confidently trust in the uniqueness of my passwords. The number of password breaches each year is staggering. By using a unique, random password for every account I can rest assured that even if one system is hacked all of my other accounts' passwords are safe.

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